Uncovering the Creative Brilliance of Monroe, Louisiana

Explore the artistic talents of Monroe, Louisiana with this article featuring book authors who have written books about art or music.

Uncovering the Creative Brilliance of Monroe, Louisiana

The small town of Monroe, Louisiana is a hub of creative energy, boasting a diverse and vibrant artistic community. From painters to musicians, authors to architects, the city is home to a wealth of talented individuals. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the book authors in Monroe who have written books about art or music. Louise Dablow is an artist and author who has been living in Monroe for many years.

She first met him in the early 1950s in her hometown of Delhi (pronounced Dell-high), on a road known locally as Hell Street. Dablow's visits to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC at an early age were instrumental in her decision to pursue a career as an artist. She is the co-author of three books designed to help educators implement engineering design in the traditional classroom, and she also serves as a community news editor for the Ruston Daily Leader, where she brings to life the stories of local citizens. Casey Parks is an author and journalist who has written extensively about her experiences growing up in rural Louisiana. Her autobiography, “Diary of a Misfit”, features stories about people she encountered during her childhood.

One of these people was a short-haired church singer; another was a preadolescent nanny whose adolescent expressions of incipient desire drove her out of her deeply religious community. Khalilah Harris is an artist who has taken her time to develop her own unique style. She has a degree in studio art from Tulane and a master's degree in studio art from the University of Washington in St. Thomas. Her greatest passion is storytelling, and she hopes to combine all the artistic avenues that interest her to tell people's stories in a unique and coherent way. Roy Dablow is another artist with a degree in architecture from Oklahoma State University and teaching architecture himself at Louisiana Technological University.

He has led countless workshops and classes on watercolor, painting and the arts in general. Faulkner Lyons is an associate professor of music, director of instrumental education, and assistant director of bands at Louisiana Technological University. He discovered his interest in percussion at age 11 and has since become a talented musician. Dellanee Wade is a candidate for a master's degree in graphic design at Louisiana Tech with a degree in communication with a specialization in new media design from Centenary College of Louisiana. After graduating from Amherst and studying art history at the Institute of Fine Arts in New York, Harris studied painting and photography at the University of Iowa and obtained a master's and master's degree in painting.

He has taught art at various levels, worked in galleries and has resided as an artist in Shreveport (Ireland) and Brazil. At the end of Parks' book, she talks to a lesbian named Pam who met Roy Harris when he was still in high school. Harris is now an accomplished painter living in Monroe with a degree in art from the University of Louisiana Monroe. These are just some examples of the many talented book authors living in Monroe who have written books about art or music. From painters to musicians, architects to authors, Monroe is home to an impressive array of creative talent.

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