Exploring Louisiana's Literary Heritage

Explore Louisiana's rich literary history with books from Truman Capote to Mary Alice Monroe. Learn more about authors from Louisiana with help from Ouachita Parish Public Library.

Exploring Louisiana's Literary Heritage

Louisiana is a state with a deep and vibrant history, and its literature is no exception. From the works of Truman Capote to Mary Alice Monroe, the state has produced some of the most influential authors in the world. The Louisiana Digital Library (LDL) is an online library with more than 400,000 digital items from archives, libraries, museums, and other sources that document the history and culture of the state. The Ouachita Parish Public Library is proud to be part of the LDL, and Louisiana Legal Forms offers blank legal forms and models of all kinds, many of them specific to the needs of Louisiana residents. The collections available through the LDL include books, media, and more.

With 26% more newcomers than other libraries, staff at the Ouachita Parish Public Library are able to choose book clubs and author alerts for their patrons. They also provide personalized recommendations and suggestions for those who have reading difficulties. Plus, they get exclusive recommendations and offers on all their favorite Simon & Schuster books and authors.

Truman Capote

is one of the most renowned authors to come out of Louisiana. His most famous work, Breakfast at Tiffany's, is a novel about Holly Golightly, a high-society café girl.

It was first published in Esquire magazine in 1958 and then in book form, with several more stories. Capote was a member of the South Carolina Academy of Authors Hall of Fame and his books have received numerous awards.

Mary Alice Monroe

is another well-known author from Louisiana. She has written twenty-seven New York Times best-selling books, including the hit series The Beach House. Monroe's works have won numerous awards, including the South Carolina Center for the Book Award for Writing; the South Carolina Award for Literary Excellence; the SW Florida Author of Distinction Award; the RT Lifetime Achievement Award; the International Book Award for Green Fiction; and her novel A Lowcountry Christmas, won the prestigious Southern Prize for Fiction. Louisiana law requires state agencies to send copies of their publications to the Register of Documents for distribution to member libraries of the Louisiana State Document Depository Program.

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