Exploring the Literary Heritage of Louisiana: A Guide for Bibliophiles

Discovering the unique literary heritage of Louisiana is easy with this guide for bibliophiles! Learn about famous authors like Ernest Gaines & Arna Bontemps & explore resources like Literary Reference Center Plus & Louisiana Digital Library.

Exploring the Literary Heritage of Louisiana: A Guide for Bibliophiles

For centuries, the unique and vibrant mix of culture, people, languages, foods and traditions that has emerged in Louisiana has been a source of inspiration for countless writers and poets, resulting in one of the richest literary heritages in the state. Bibliophiles have a wealth of options to explore the lives of their favorite authors in Louisiana. If you're looking to honor one of Louisiana's famous authors, consider attending the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans and participating in the Stella shouting contest. Point Coupeé Parish, just outside Baton Rouge, is home to Ernest Gaines, author of A Lesson Before Dying.

Gaines' characters often emphasize the importance of food in their culture, and readers can sample Cajun Gumbo from Louisiana at Point Coupée restaurants like Morel's Restaurant. The Literary Reference Center Plus is an excellent resource for readers looking to explore Louisiana's literary heritage. It includes the Masterplots plot summary library and dozens of character maps from Romeo and Juliet and other important works. It also features biographies of actors, artists, athletes, authors, current world leaders, explorers, scientists and many other prominent figures in news and history.

Most entries in ERIC are citations and summaries, but citations can often be found as full articles on EBSCOhost. The Louisiana Digital Library (LDL) is another great resource for readers interested in exploring Louisiana's literary heritage. LDL articles are as diverse and interesting as the people and places in Louisiana, with photographs, maps, manuscript materials, books, oral histories, and more that document the state's history and culture. For example, readers can explore the award-winning memoirs of Arna Bontemps which take her back home to DeRidder in Louisiana.

The Arna Bontemps African American Museum in Alexandria celebrates the art, culture, music, history and words of central Louisiana. In 1894, Fortier published Louisiana Folktales, a collection of stories that reflect the state's French heritage. Louisiana law requires state agencies to send copies of their publications to the Register of Documents for distribution to member libraries of the Louisiana State Document Depository Program. Readers can also explore James Lee Burke's beloved mystery novels featuring Dave Robicheaux - a tenacious recovering alcoholic with a connection to Louisiana - who finds himself on a wrong detour on a back road in Louisiana that turns into a nightmare they weren't prepared for. Finally, readers can learn about Clarke McRae Williams, founder of Williams Companies Inc., who was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1922 to parents who worked in the telephone industry. Louisiana is home to some of the most renowned authors in history.

With so many resources available to explore their works and lives, bibliophiles have plenty of opportunities to discover this unique literary heritage.

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