Uncovering the Literary Scene in Monroe, Louisiana

When you move to Monroe, Louisiana, you'll be captivated by its exotic beauty and unique gastronomic and folkloric customs. Learn how beginning writers can overcome their fears and anxieties by following a plan outlined by an expert.

Uncovering the Literary Scene in Monroe, Louisiana

When I first moved to Monroe, Louisiana, I was captivated by the exotic beauty of the place. I had come from New England through Arkansas and was immediately drawn to the Southern literature that surrounded me. I wanted to capture this feeling in my writing, so I began to take notes on the city's flora and fauna, its language, and its unique gastronomic and folkloric customs. One evening while watching the news, I heard about a local man who had kidnapped his son from school and fled the area.

This sparked my imagination and I started to think about why he would do such a thing and where he would go. It then occurred to me that he had two children but only took one - why? This was the beginning of my story and I decided to use the Fontana family as my protagonists. The name comes from a road south of Monroe. I soon discovered that Monroe is home to two master's degree programs in Fine Arts, one of the best independent bookstores in the country - Books& Books - and the largest book fair in the United States.

It was here that I met Jill, who told me that I was the last person to whom a storybook would likely be published as the first book. This inspired me to write a book about how beginning writers can overcome their fears and anxieties, doubts and misgivings, by following a plan that I have outlined. My plan is aimed at helping writers put their ideas down on paper without too much worry or stress. I prefer to write at home in my office, which is a converted solarium.

Here I have all my reference books within reach and am only a few feet away from the kitchen for coffee breaks. My cats often join me on my desk, so I have to gently move them aside so that I can write!.

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